Homemade Super Creamy + Dreamy Coconut Milk!

So, in a continual effort to consume less processed goods (while saving my precious pennies), I decided to make my own #coconutmilk. And WAS it EASY and CHEAP to do!
The ratio for SUPER creamy coconut milk is 1:2. For every 1 cup of shredded coconuts you use, you will need two cups of filtered water.

The coconut milk turned out RICH, CREAMY & DELICIOUS! One of the best parts was that this contained NO extra preservatives or added ingredients. All the micro-nutrients that the coconut already contained are in the milk! 

If you are about reducing food waste, take the leftover coconut meal and let it roast in the oven until
toasted, and reuse for a baked dish! I’ll be making a granola with the meal, and will eventually post that recipe

Let’s jump into the recipe, shall we?


·         2 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut
·         4 cups of hot filtered water (not boiling)
·         1 teaspoon of maple syrup for a hint of sweetness (optional!)


1. Add shredded coconut, water, and maple syrup in to a blender, and blend on high speed for a good 3 minutes.

2. Pour the milk blend into a pitcher with a cheesecloth (or super fine cloth) to filter out the gritty coconut meal. That took about 40 minutes to sieve (that’s a great time to do other things, like workout, clean, study, twerk, etc). You can also just continue to ring out the cloth if you’re impatient.

3. Once you see that most of the pulp is filtered, squeeze the excess liquid into the pitcher (It’s a great exercise!)

4. Let this chill in the fridge, or serve immediately (with a couple ice cubes, to enjoy it chilled).

Happy coconut-ing! 

Note: You will MOST likely encounter the chilled coconut milk separating the fat from the rest of the liquid (the fat will float on top once it get chilled). Do NOT freak out!! You can skim off the fat and use that as coconut oil and cook with it! J

Servings: 1 quart of creamy + dreamy coconut milk- yields 8 servings (4 ounces per serving)

Nutritional information per serving:

73g calories/ .67g protein/6.7g fat/3.6g carbs/ 1.8g fiber

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