Watermelon Nice Cream

The perfect desert to enjoy with your friends and neighbors on the front porch during a warm & muggy July evening…!

One of my ongoing life goals is to be more intentional with what I eat-seriously! It’s a mantra that I really have to love up to. And to be frank, I’ve been slacking.

With all of this being said, I recently facilitated a community summer cooking demo, where I was charged with showcasing two original recipes that featured seasonal, local ingredients. Being a Florida gal, I figured that the utilization of watermelon seemed like the obvious produce of choice. The watermelon is so refreshing, and the creaminess of the banana really helps to give this a nice, custard-like consistency. Some of the perks?  The Watermelon Nice Cream dish is completely vegan, dairy-free, inexpensive, and super easy to make!

Just a couple tips, before you begin to create this dessert:
1.       Because watermelon is comprised of mostly water (at a rate of about 90%), you will NOT want to overdo it with your incorporation of the melon. Otherwise, the consistency will be too watery, and will have a thickness closer to a smoothie (but if that’s what you’re going for-ham it up!). With this in mind, I go for a 5:1 ratio, where I will utilize five ripened bananas for every 1 cup of fresh watermelon used.
2.       The riper your bananas are, the sweeter, and tastier the dish will be. When I say ripe, I mean banana-but bread-worthy ripe.
3.       This dish goes beautifully with either shredded coconut and/or basil sprinkled over. MMMM!

Here’s the recipe!


·         5 frozen bananas, peeled
·         1 cup of fresh watermelon (cubed)
·         1/8 tsp. salt
·         3 tbsp shredded coconut (optional)
·         Food processor high speed blender
·         Freezer-friendly container (minimum size 16 oz.)


1.       Slice each banana into approximately one inch pieces. Set aside.

2.       In your food processor, place your watermelon cubes. Then place the diced bananas, salt, and coconut. Make sure that you first place the watermelon, because that will make the blending process much easier. Pulse the fruit mixture for about 3-4 minutes, or until the mixture resembles a smooth puree. Stir at least two minutes in to ensure smooth blending consistency.

3.       (Optional step) Take puree mixture and gently pour into freezer-friendly container, and spoon the top of the mixture until it is smooth on top. Place in freezer, and let it set for at least thirty minutes, or until the nice cream texture is at a firmer consistency to your liking. Otherwise, you can immediately consume the mixture.

4.       Enjoy with friends on a hot, summer afternoon! 🙂

Makes four servings

Nutritional information per serving (without shredded coconut):
143 calories/ 1.84g protein/0.54g fat/36.6g carbs/ 4g fiber

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