Mango Nice Cream

This cooling summer dish is smooth, creamy, and has just the right amount of spice!

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Since creating this blog, I have paused to introspect and determine why The Funky Spork platform matters. I created this platform for a couple important reasons, including the following:
1.    To share delicious and healthy plant-based recipes, that use attainable ingredients.
2.    To promote local & sustainable food systems.
This Mango Nice-cream recipe falls within both of these missions. The ingredients for this dish are very simple, as they only involve three ingredients: mangoes, bananas, and chile powder. That simple! This dish also incorporates local food systems, by utilizing mangoes that are locally grown, and in season (it’s currently summer time). If you’re not from Florida, mangoes are grown during Florida’s summertime and thrive between June through October. If you are looking for practical ways to practice sustainability, eating locally and seasonally are great strategies.
Just a couple tips, before you begin to create this dessert:
1.    I go for a 5:1 ratio, where I will utilize five ripened bananas for every mango used.
2.    The riper your bananas are, the sweeter, and tastier the dish will be. When I say ripe, I mean banana-but bread-worthy ripe.
3.The mango nice cream is gluten-free, vegan, and is minimally processed. You may be scratching your head, and wondering why I would be so crazy as to incorporate chile heat into this dish. You’ve got to trust me when I say that the spiciness of the chile with the sweetness of the mango and banana works. In fact, the incorporation of chile seasoning is inspired by the scrumptious Mexican Mangonada delicacy. This dessert is so delicious, and has so much flavor, that all I can do is allow the recipe to speak for itself. So…let’s move along, and learn how to create this nice cream!  
·         5 frozen bananas, peeled
·         1 fresh mango
·         1 tbsp. chile powder  (optional)

·         Food processor high speed blender
·         Freezer-friendly container (minimum size 16 oz.)
1.    Slice each banana into approximately one inch pieces. Set aside
2.    Slice your mangoes in half, peel the skin off, and dice each mango until the pieces are roughly 1” in size. Set aside.
3.    In your food processor, place your mango slices. Then place the diced bananas, and chile powder. Make sure that you first place the mango, because that will make the blending process much easier. Pulse the fruit mixture for about 3-4 minutes, or until the mixture resembles a smooth puree. Stir at least two minutes in to ensure smooth blending consistency.
4.    (Optional step) Take puree mixture and gently pour into freezer-friendly container, and spoon the top of the mixture until it is smooth on top. Place in freezer, and let it set for at least thirty minutes, or until the nice cream texture is at a firmer consistency to your liking. Otherwise, you can immediately consume the mixture.
5.    Enjoy with friends on a hot, summer afternoon!
Makes four servings.
Nutritional information per serving:
184 calories/ 2.3g protein/0.84g fat/46.7g carbs/ 5.3g fiber

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