Farm to Spork

Where is our food sourced from? Who’s producing it? What types of mechanisms are being used? Are the food cultivation methods ethical & sustainable? These are the type of questions I am curious about. As someone who is also an Urban Planner, I am especially curious about the how land use and locality connect with the food that is on our plates. For these reasons, I am proud to introduce Farm to Spork, a series where I highlight the players involved in the food systems process.

Farm to Spork: Meet Shawn Steed (UF/IFAS Extension Program)

In this segment of Farm to Spork, I speak with Shawn Steed, and the integrative community-based work that him and his colleagues are doing through the University of Florida’s Institute for Agricultural Sciences Extension program (further referred to as UF/IFAS) (Click here to learn more).

Plant City Communiy Garden: Co-founder Karen Elizabeth sitting on the side of a garden bed filled with collards
Karen Elizabeth, co-founder of the Plant City Commons Community Garden

Farm to Spork: Meet Karen Elizabeth (Plant City Commons Community Gardens)

In this Farm to Spork feature, I interview Karen Elizabeth, co-founder of the garden. In this segment, we get to learn more about one of Plant City’s best kept secrets (Click here to learn more)…

Meet Dr. Evangeline Linkous

Meet Evangeline Linkous, an Associate Professor for the University of South Florida’s Urban and Regional Planning department. With over 24 combined years of work in academia and applied urban planning, Dr. Linkous has become an emerging voice in researching Growth Management planning policies, practices, and legislation across the state of Florida. Part of her research examines how Food Systems plays a role within this equation…(Click here to read more)

Meet Ana & Andre [Garden Trust 4 US]

In this segment of Farm to Spork, I would like to introduce you to Ana Jones and Andre Hill, Jr. Ana Jones is the Secretary, and Andre Hill Jr. is the Project Manager for Urban Progress Alliance, Inc., a Tampa, Florida-based 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization. I had the pleasure of not only getting to know this dynamic duo, but to learn more about Garden Trust 4 US, a grassroots petition they launched with goals of establishing community gardens throughout Tampa’s food desert areas. (Click here to read more)

Meet Jon Dengler of The Well

Jon is the founder, and Executive Director of The Well, a Tampa-based organization and movement of people committed to living in direct relationships with the poor. The work that The Well is doing is encompassing, and involves the intersections of social enterprise, community empowerment, and food justice (Click here to read more)…

Meet John and Chrysti Roberts, the owners of Olivor Heritage Farms

You can have your meat, and eat it too! This became evident, as I had the chance to become acquainted with the husband and wife duo John Chrysti Roberts, owners of Olivor Heritage Farms.  Olivor Heritage Farms is a Dover-based farm which specializes in the raising of pasture-raised poultry, and eggs. At the end, The Roberts’ mission is to encourage the public to eat more humanely-sourced and raised meat and animal products… (Click here to read more)

Meet Dell DeChant: A USF scholar who studies the intersections of Religion and Food Sovereignty

When we examine the overall scope of our food systems, we must acknowledge the diverse array of characters involved within the equation: Some folks may be farmers, while others may be local business owners. Others, in this particular case, may be academics. I recently had the privilege to meet Dell DeChant, the Associate Chair and Master Instructor of The University of South Florida’s Religious Studies Department. For the past ten years, DeChant’s work has focused on the concept of Food Sovereignty, a concept we will delve into throughout the course of this article… (Click here to read more)

Meet Jessa and Marc: The power couple behind Sustainability on the Side.

Jessa Madosky is an Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Tampa. Marc Santos is a graduate student pursuing his Master’s in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of South Florida. Aside from their work in research & academia, these two are the owners & founders of Sustainability on the Side. From managing a homestead operation to creating jewelry from ecofriendly material, Sustainability on the Side is a Central Florida-based business that puts environmental stewardship at the center of its mission. … (Click here to read more)