The Funky Spork is an integrative platform that values quality, and superior customer service. Sustainability, education, locality, and the celebration of deliciously healthy food are the epicenters of what The Funky Spork stands for.

Cooking Demonstrations

Is your organization interested in bridging health, food access, and affordability to the community at-large? Are you interested in showing customers how to turn fresh, local and seasonal ingredients into mouth-watering recipes? Since March of 2019, Mara Latorre of The Funky Spork has brought her online presence to communities around the Tampa Bay area by facilitating fun & interactive, and educational cooking demonstrations. The purposes of the cooking demonstrations are to show community members how to create easy, delicious, healthy and affordable recipes in an entertaining and informative tutorial format. The following is included with each demonstration:

  • A miniature lecture about the benefits of eating seasonally and locally and other food systems topics.
  • Complimentary recipe cards for attendees.
  • Recipe samples for attendees.
  • Portable table and kitchen set (upon request).
  • All ingredients for the cooking demonstration (upon request).
Me facilitating a seasonal cooking demonstration at the Temple Terrace Farmer’s Market
Mango Stir-fry I prepared for the ‘Taste of the Earth’ cooking workshop held at the Bruton Memorial Library in Plant City, FL.

Community Lectures

Is your organization interested in incorporating wellness & sustainability-focused educational programming into its range of services? Are you interested in equipping your members, clients, or your constituents with education based around the topics of sustainability and food systems-based planning? As an Urban Planner, Mara Latorre is more than happy to provide a lecture for your students about the intersections of urban planning, community development, food, and wellness. Latorre can teach one class, or implement a course curriculum for an ongoing series of classes. Latorre can teach students as young as eight, and as old as 120! We will make sure that the objectives of each class or workshop align with the Mission and Goals of your organization.

My lecture on seasonal and local food at the Bruton Memorial Library in Plant City, FL.
A plant-based cooking class I held at a private residence.

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